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Since 2003, RDS has published over 500 authors from around the world. One of only a handful of peer-reviewed Disability Studies journals in the world, the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) is a quarterly online, open-access journal that provides an international forum for people with disabilities, academics, professionals, artists and creators from all backgrounds and expertise to express ideas relevant to our understanding of disability.                                                       


China & Disability Special Issue: Call for papers

We are pleased to announce a Special Issue on Disability and China with guest editors Dr. Luanjiao Hu, The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy, Brandeis University, and Dr. Fengming Cui, Harvard Law School Project on Disability, Harvard University. We are currently soliciting papers of approximately 6000 words in length. The deadline for submission of papers has been extended to November 18th, 2022. Papers should be submitted to the RDS online submission system at https://rdsjournal.org/ .


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Current Issue

Vol. 18 No. 1 & 2 (2022): Special Issue: Understanding Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Special Issue: Understanding Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa Guest Editors Elvis Imafidon, Charlotte Baker

Special issue exploring issues of Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

This special issue of the Review of Disability Studies consists of original articles and creative works that take seriously and explore some important aspects of sub-Saharan African perspectives on disability and their impact on understandings of disability and the lived experiences of persons with disabilities in African societies. This special issue focuses on communities in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe and general understandings of disability.

This double issue also contains additional international disability studies research.

Plain language abstracts for all essays and creative work may be accessed at:

Published: 2022-10-25


Editorial: Special Issue: Understanding Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Elvis Imafidon, Charlotte Baker
Abstract 87 | WORD Downloads 18 PDF Downloads 41

Research Articles and Essays

Cultural Etiologies of Disability in Ghana: A Case of Food Taboos in Pregnancy

Francisca Adom-Opare
Abstract 49 | WORD Downloads 22 PDF Downloads 32

What Obligations Should Be Owed to [African] People with Disabilities?

Oche Onazi
Abstract 41 | WORD Downloads 20 PDF Downloads 27

Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences and Coping Strategies of Individuals with Disabilities at Some Selected Healthcare Facilities in the Bosomtwe District of Ghana

Enoch Acheampong, Anthony Kwaku Edusei, Peter Agyei-Baffuor, Reindolf Anokye, Godfred Atta-Osei
Abstract 33 | WORD Downloads 13 PDF Downloads 14

Disabilities in an African Cultural Worldview

Edwin Etieyibo
Abstract 54 | WORD Downloads 14 PDF Downloads 29

Realizing the Right to Health of People Living with Podoconiosis

Kidus Meskele
Abstract 22 | WORD Downloads 13 PDF Downloads 19

Employment of People with Disabilities in the Hotel Sector in Zimbabwe

Oliver Chikuta, Lovemore Chitambara, Phanos Matura
Abstract 123 | WORD Downloads 29 PDF Downloads 32

Literary Representations of People with Disabilities in Selected Nigerian Prose-works

Firdaws Oyebisi P-Ibrahim
Abstract 33 | WORD Downloads 16 PDF Downloads 20

Creative Works


Kobus Moolman
Abstract 37 | WORD Downloads 10 PDF Downloads 10

Seen and Unseen Steps to Success

Jean Cathro
Abstract 23 | WORD Downloads 10 PDF Downloads 8

‘The Matutu Girl’

Karolina Wambui
Abstract 18 | WORD Downloads 11 PDF Downloads 10

Additional Global Research

Counseling Clients with Learning Disabilities

Tamekia Bell, Theodore Remley, Jr. , Tara Hill
Abstract 99 | WORD Downloads 18 PDF Downloads 29

Disabled People’s Organisations Grow Social Connectedness for Persons with Disabilities

James Montgomery, Andrew Sithling, Fairlene Soji, Matthew Reeve, Nathan Grills
Abstract 35 | WORD Downloads 13 PDF Downloads 15

Critical te Tiriti analysis of the New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026

Leanne Manson, Tim McCreanor, Heather Came
Abstract 125 | WORD Downloads 7 PDF Downloads 14

“Listen to the Parents, Just Listen to Them”

Kelly Vaughan
Abstract 52 | WORD Downloads 15 PDF Downloads 18

Notes from the Field

Dissertation & Abstracts v18i1&2

Abstract 32 | WORD Downloads 12 PDF Downloads 14
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The Review of Disability Studies (RDS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal that is targeted towards any person interested in disability studies. We have readers and authors from all over the world. We accept submissions in English of a scholarly nature covering a range of disciplines within disability studies as well as creative works expressing ideas in the area of disability. The RDS journal contains the following sections: 1. Research and Essays; 2. Topical Forums; 3. Creative Works; 4. Global Perspective on Disability Studies; 5. Multi-Media Review; 6. Notes from the Field; 7. Dissertation Abstracts. The journal is published four times a year, and each issue runs approximately 50 pages.