Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2014-10-29


Forum Introduction: The Intersection of Gender and Disability: An International Perspective

Allen N. Lewis, Amy J. Armstrong
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Women with Disabilities Living in Poverty: The Case of Uruguay

María José Bagnato, María del Carmen Abreu Milán, Adriana Suárez Ceretti, Cecilia Durán, Beatriz Falero Bonilla, Delia Bianchi, Mario Luzardo, Paola Premuda Conti
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Gender, Disability, and ADA Title I Employment Discrimination: A Comparison of Male and Female Charging Party Characteristics: The National EEOC ADA Research Project

Allen N. Lewis, Jessica E Hurley, Pam Lewis, Brian T. McMahon
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Psychosocial Adjustment of Women with Work-related Disabilities in Rural China

Karen Lo-Hui, Lilian Luo, Xiaoshan Yang
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Native Americans with Disabilities: A Comparison of Male and Female Eastern Tribal Members

Chung-Fan Ni, Felicia Wilkins-Turner, Diane E. Liebert, Valerie Ellien, Corrine Harrington
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A Comparison of Male and Female Title I ADA Discrimination Allegations in Relation to Employer Characteristics

Lynn Koch, Amy J. Armstrong, Allen N. Lewis, Jessica E. Hurley, Pam Lewis, Brian T McMahon
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Book Review: Blind Man’s Bluff

Beth Omansky
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Book Review: Professional Helper: The Fundamentals of Being a Helping Professional

Mari Ono
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Disability Studies Dissertation Abstracts

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