Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 11 Issue 1



Published: 2015-03-20


Editorial: Lights. Camera. Disability?

Amanda T. Adams
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Research Articles and Essays

The Mainstream Is Not the Enemy: Maximizing Audiences for “Disabled Voices”

Michael Noonan
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 73 Word Downloads 16 Text Downloads 26

Situation Analysis of Disability Resources and Needs of Shantytowns near Lima, Peru

Cristina Redko, Jessica R. Hunt
Abstract 160 | PDF Downloads 42 Word Downloads 11 Text Downloads 18

Enacted Assessment of Disability Support: A “Lived” Method for Assessing Student Life

E. Duff Wrobbel, Sarah Vanslette, Tiffany Eickhoff
Abstract 541 | PDF Downloads 42 Word Downloads 7 Text Downloads 24

ICT Barriers for People with Disability in Namibia: Evidence from the 2011 Namibia Population and Housing Census

Nelago Indongo, Pempelani Mufune
Abstract 480 | PDF Downloads 65 Word Downloads 9 Text Downloads 8

Powers of Classification: Politics and Biology in Understandings of Intellectual Disability

Niklas Altermark
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Creative Works

Color for Color

Roselyn Perez
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Book Review: In the Shadow of Disability: Reconnecting History, Identity and Politics

Steven E. Brown
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 14 Word Downloads 10 Text Downloads 19

Book Review: Green Care: For Human Therapy, Social Innovation, Rural Economy and Education

Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 16 Word Downloads 7 Text Downloads 17