Published: 2023-03-20


Research Articles and Essays

Autistic Adults as Educators

Josephine Blagrave, Aaron Koch, Amanda Widgay
Abstract 150 | PDF Downloads 110 WORD Downloads 43

The Current State of Air Travel for Americans with Disabilities

Julie Pfeiffer, Walt Bower, Phillip Rumrill
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 64 WORD Downloads 36

Karawhiua: Mobilizing own Language Journey

Sandra Tuhakaraina
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 889 WORD Downloads 50

How to Restart an Inclusive Camping While Preventing COVID-19 Outbreak

Yasuko Takeuchi, Kiriko Takahashi, Yuji Umenaga
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 28 WORD Downloads 34

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Increasing Access to Care for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Elizabeth Cleveland, Tiffany Lepard Tassin, Albrey Love, David Deere, Andrew Cope, Jessica Gangluff
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 378 WORD Downloads 44

Disabilities in Disaster Situations

Daryl Schaffer
Abstract 1015 | PDF Downloads 183 WORD Downloads 53

Advocacy 101

Areta Guthrey
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 26 WORD Downloads 43

Focusing on Essential Functions for Persons with Disabilities to Improve Working Environments

Wakaba Hamamatsu, Kuniomi Shibata
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 35 WORD Downloads 33

Information Accessibility for Kanji

Yoshimi Matsuzaki, Kuniomi Shibata
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 19 WORD Downloads 32

Deaf Community and DiDRR: Supporting a Twin-Track Approach

Leyla Craig, Audrey Cooper, Kota Takayama, Herbert Klein
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 54 WORD Downloads 32

Notes from the Field

Mobilize for Action: Interactive Poster Presentations

Genesis Leong, Nicole Schlaack, Rix Abordo, Jared Galeai
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 25 WORD Downloads 32