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Published: 2021-07-01


Editorial: Lessons Not Lost

Raphael Raphael
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 28 WORD Downloads 38

Global Perspectives Editorial

Hemachandran Karah, Sona Kazemi
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 19 WORD Downloads 37

Research Articles and Essays

DPO membership has immediate transactional benefits as well as personal impact

Nicole Butcher, Prerana Singh, Nathan Grills, Fairlene Soji
Abstract 1271 | PDF Downloads 46 WORD Downloads 39

Creative Works

Poems by Glenn Merrilees

Glenn Merrilees
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 17 WORD Downloads 34

Global Perspective on Disability Studies

A Theatre Production by Acid Attack Survivors

Sona Kazemi
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 23 WORD Downloads 21


Notes from the Field

RDS Journal Call for Proposals Special Issue: Disability and Film and Media

Beth A. Haller, Lawrence Carter-Long
Abstract 213 | PDF Downloads 43 WORD Downloads 34

Course Announcement: Literary and Cultural Disability Studies: An Exploration

Hemachandran Karah
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 27 WORD Downloads 29

Summer 2021 Disability and Diversity Calendar: Calls, Awards, Conferences

Genesis Leong
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 50 WORD Downloads 29

Hello from PHAME Academy

Jenny Stadler
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 12 WORD Downloads 30

Disability Activism and Advocacy Resources: We Can Do This

Pat Morrissey
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 21 WORD Downloads 44