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Published: 2021-07-01


Editorial: Lessons Not Lost

Raphael Raphael
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 11 WORD Downloads 16

Global Perspectives Editorial

Hemachandran Karah, Sona Kazemi
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 5 WORD Downloads 13

Research Articles and Essays

DPO membership has immediate transactional benefits as well as personal impact

Nicole Butcher, Prerana Singh, Nathan Grills, Fairlene Soji
Abstract 305 | PDF Downloads 27 WORD Downloads 16

Creative Works

Poems by Glenn Merrilees

Glenn Merrilees
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 3 WORD Downloads 8

Global Perspective on Disability Studies

A Theatre Production by Acid Attack Survivors

Sona Kazemi
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 16 WORD Downloads 10


Notes from the Field

RDS Journal Call for Proposals Special Issue: Disability and Film and Media

Beth A. Haller, Lawrence Carter-Long
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 9 WORD Downloads 10

Course Announcement: Literary and Cultural Disability Studies: An Exploration

Hemachandran Karah
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 8 WORD Downloads 11

Summer 2021 Disability and Diversity Calendar: Calls, Awards, Conferences

Genesis Leong
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 21 WORD Downloads 8

Disability Activism and Advocacy Resources: We Can Do This

Pat Morrissey
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 7 WORD Downloads 19

Hello from PHAME Academy

Jenny Stadler
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 1 WORD Downloads 11

Dissertations and Abstracts

Pat Morrissey
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 4 WORD Downloads 13