Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 4 Issue 1

We are pleased to include in this issue the first half of a forum on music guest edited by Alex Lubet and Na’ama Sheffi.  The second half of the forum will appear in the next issue of RDS, volume 4, issue 2.  Thank you Alex and Na’ama for an excellent and comprehensive forum!

Published: 2014-11-28


Sounds of Progress in the Academy: An Emerging Creative Partnership

Peggy Duesenberry, Raymond MacDonald
Abstract 316 | PDF Downloads 115 Word Downloads 105 Text Downloads 147

The Gift

Henry Kingsbury
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 87 Word Downloads 138 Text Downloads 136

Robert Ashley and the Tourettic Voice

Gavin Steingo
Abstract 607 | PDF Downloads 163 Word Downloads 101 Text Downloads 114

Life and Livelihood: Musicians Coping with Breast Cancer

Sarah Schmalenberger
Abstract 453 | PDF Downloads 178 Word Downloads 104 Text Downloads 134


Book Review: Sounding Off: Theorizing Disability in Music

Kevin Schwandt
Abstract 504 | PDF Downloads 91 Word Downloads 102 Text Downloads 120

Music Review: Nutters with Attitude

Lizzie Walker
Abstract 712 | PDF Downloads 86 Word Downloads 92 Text Downloads 138

Book Review: The Truth of Music: Empire, Law, and Secrecy

Sarah Schmalenberger
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 141 Word Downloads 83 Text Downloads 86