Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 2 Issue 3

Published: 2014-12-17


Forum Introduction: In the Beginning

Alex Lubet
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 17 Word Downloads 11 Text Downloads 17

Esau’s Mission, or Trauma as Propaganda: Disability after the Intifada

Marcy Epstein
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 47 Word Downloads 20 Text Downloads 41

The Relationship Between the Design of the Built Environment and the Ability to Egress of Individuals with Disabilities

Keith M. Christensen, Shawnee D. Collins, Judith M. Holt, Curtis N. Phillips
Abstract 1136 | PDF Downloads 239 Word Downloads 25 Text Downloads 112

Ice Storm Experiences of Persons with Disabilities: Knowledge is Safety

Catherine Fichten, Maria Barile, Vittoria Ferraro
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 27 Word Downloads 16 Text Downloads 40

Disaster Relief for Deaf Persons: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Barbara White
Abstract 963 | PDF Downloads 481 Word Downloads 13 Text Downloads 72

Natural Hazards, Human Vulnerability and Disabling Societies: A Disaster for Disabled People?

Laura Hemingway, Mark Priestley
Abstract 3506 | PDF Downloads 1512 Word Downloads 32 Text Downloads 268

Politics and the Pandemic: HIV/AIDS, Africa, and the Discourse of Disability

Laura L. Behling
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 53 Word Downloads 15 Text Downloads 32

Disability Studies and Disaster Services: Putting the “DS” in “DS”

Christopher Johnstone
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 27 Word Downloads 12 Text Downloads 26


Book Review: The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook, A Guide to Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Martha Guinan
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 50 Word Downloads 15 Text Downloads 21

Book Review: Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression: A Problem–Solving Approach for Families

Shirley Gerum
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 27 Word Downloads 13 Text Downloads 24

Book Review: A History of AIDS Social Work in Hospitals: A Daring Response to an Epidemic

J. Gary Linn
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 10 Word Downloads 15 Text Downloads 24