Disability and Multilingualism: A Global Perspective

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Sona Kazemi https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7026-8649
Hemachandran Karah


disability studies, editorial


Another issue of our long envisioned, and politically imperative issue of the Global Perspective Section of the journal is here. As we had imagined this section, we hoped to create a space for multilingualism as a framework, political endeavor, accessibility commitment, and a cultural setting where languages appear more than an identity marker or private possession of a community. Creating this section, we have hoped to complicate what it means to be, become, and remain disabled under exploitative social relations and oppressive historical continuities and discontinuities. To this end, we have strived to create a space that challenges what we think as “normative” disability expression, “normative” disabling conditions, and “normative” generational traumas mobilized by colonial, fascist, theocratic, and imperialistic legacies.

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