Universal Management: A Proposal to Change the Direction of Accessibility Management in the Australian Tourism Industry to Create Benefits for All Australians and Visitors to Australia

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Peter Rice


management, service, tourism


In order to realise the full benefits of Universal Design (UD) as a valuable new contributor to the management of access for people with disabilities UD concepts and lessons need to be translated into real decision making and action by boards of directors and managers at all levels of organisations across the world.

The development of a concise and clear set of seven principles for UD can be an exciting foundation for management principles applicable to every organisation addressing challenges and changes within our communities in the decade to come. Eleven principles of Universal Management are presented for leaders and thinkers in government, judicial, corporate, administrative and organisational spheres of influence.  Every manager is invited to rethink the way in which all products and services are designed, delivered and maintained, translating the excellent tenets of UD into new managerial intentions and action.

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