Optimization of Hotel Reception and Accommodation Service Management for Guests with Disabilities

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Marina Flores


international hospitality, inclusive travel, business management


This paper focuses on the requirements expressed by travelers with disabilities in relation to their safety and comfort with reception and accommodation services offered by hospitality organizations, including hotels, motels and guest houses. These findings should open a clearer panorama to hospitality business managers by allowing them to develop better strategies for providing desired levels of friendly assistance and practical facilities. The approach selected is based on statistical methods. The compiled information was obtained via (a) feedback forms given to potential travelers with disabilities, (b) questionnaires given to hospitality business managers, and (c) interviews with hospitality business managers and organizations dealing with people with disabilities in North America, the European Union, Oriental Europe, and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. However, the results can be easily adapted to other regions in the world.  The conclusions are intended to be useful to people with disabilities and, in addition, to provide valuable information for hospitality business organizations that will allow them to improve their management criteria to retain these important guests while gaining new ones.

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