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Editorial "Disability in Popular Horror: A New Trend?”

RDS v15i1 #923 Raphael Raphael Headshot 150x150

Raphael Raphael, PhD, RDS Associate Editor of Creative Works and Multimedia, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Guatemala

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  Research & Essays Articles Cultural Discourses About Immigration, Mothering, and Disability in Korea: An Ethnographic Interview Study

RDS v15i1 #853 MinSoo KimBossard Headshot 150×150

MinSoo Kim-Bossard, PhD, The College of New Jersey, New Jersey, United States

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  Disability and Educators in Mathematics Schooling Research: A Critical Exploratory Review

RDS v15i1 #839 Paulo Tan & Rachel Lambert Headshot


Paulo Tan, PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Rachel Lambert, PhD, Gevirtz School, UC Santa Barbara

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  The Symbolic Ableism Scale

RDS v15i1 #814 Carli Friedman & Jessica Awsumb Headshot


Carli Friedman, PhD, The Council on Quality and Leadership

Jessica M Awsumb, PhD, Transition Tennessee Vanderbilt University

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Multimedia Review of Have Dog Will Travel

RDS v15i1 #894 Diana Baker Headshot 150px150

Diana Baker, PhD, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

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    Notes from the Field

RDS v15i1 #908 2019 RDSJ Editors Headshot

Summer 2019 Editorial Internship Opportunity

Megan A. Conway, PhD, RDS Editor-In-Chief - Read more at http://bit.ly/RDSJ908 [PDF] [WORD] [TEXT]

  Disability Studies 2019 Summer Online Courses

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Kai-Ying Lin, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Center on Disability Studies

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    Call for Art Submissions: Disability and Shame

RDS v15i1 #922 Guest Editors Headshot. Photo of Guest Editors: Stephanie Patterson, John Jones, Dana Lee Baker

Genesis Leong, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Center on Disability Studies

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  Dissertations & Abstracts Dissertation & Abstracts v15i1

Compiled by Jonathon Erlen, University of Pittsburgh. Edited by Megan Conway

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