Published: 2020-03-31



Patricia A Morrissey
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Research Articles and Essays

A Critical Disability Studies Approach to ‘Inclusive’ Early Childhood Teacher Education

Nicole Eilers
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An Outcome Evaluation Study of the UConn online graduate courses of the Certificate of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies in Public Health

Tara Lutz, Mary Beth Bruder
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Preparing Preservice Teachers to Navigate Between Special Education and Disability Studies

Amy Petersen
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Global Perspective on Disability Studies

Expansion of Submissions to Those in an Author’s Native Language Other than English

Sona Kazemi, Patricia Morrissey, Hemachandran Karah
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Cross-border Collaboration to Assist Individuals with Disabilities: Despite a Border Wall, a Common Goal Unites People

Burris R. Duncan, MD, Francisco Trujillo, William Neubauer, MD, Heidi L. Pottinger, DrPH, MPH, MA
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