DIS380 Foundations Disability and Diversity

Focuses on disability as a category of diversity and identity, as well as diversity within disability. Different strategies used to increase the freedom or liberty of people with disabilities are critically examined. This is an excellent foundational course with content applicable and relevant to all fields... more at http://bit.ly/CDS_DIS or contact Lauren Ho - lauren.ho@hawaii.edu  5/20/2019 - 6/28/2019 | CRN: 91759 | 3 Credits  


DIS 382 Accessible Learning Technology

This course covers U.S. Federal Laws and guidelines, accessible technology, creating accessible instructional media, developing long- term resources, advancing accessible social interaction between students and students with instructors, and using case studies as examples of good practices... more at http://bit.ly/CDS_DIS or contact Tom Conway - tom.conway@hawaii.edu 7/01/2019 - 8/09/2019 | CRN: 91955 | 3 Credits  


DIS 682 Special Topics in Disability: Representations in Film

Course Description: Students in this online course will view and respond to a series of films that portray disability with the following aims: (1) to interrogate their own assumptions about disability; (2) to deepen their historical understanding of the ways in which the "grammar" of film has shaped depictions of disability; and (3) to consider the ways in which these images may dialog with the ways we think about disability...more at http://bit.ly/CDS_DIS or contact Raphael Raphael - rraphael@hawaii.edu 5/20/2019 - 6/28/2019 | CRN: 91630 | 3 Credits   To register for courses: Non-Residents visit www.outreach.hawaii.edu or Residents visit www.star.hawaii.edu or www.outreach.hawaii.edu. cds_logo.png


By earning an online Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies, students will gain University Graduate Certificate, Accessible Learning Methods, Global Knowledge and Practices, Cost Effective, and much more. For more info contact Megan Conwaymconway@hawaii.edu or visit www.cds.hawaii.edu/certificates.