We are releasing a revised version of Volume 13, Issue 4 of the Review of Disability Studies.  Most particularly, we regret that we made some editorial errors related to preferred pronouns, in the article “What is a Service Animal? A Careful Rethinking” by Margaret Price, by inadvertently overlooking automatic changes made by spellcheck. The RDS Editorial Board acknowledges that in spite of their unintentional nature these errors were hurtful, particularly in the current political and social climate in which trans and gender non-conforming people often experience violence and are denied opportunities or the right to express themselves in affirming ways. We apologize for the hurt and frustration this caused and we want to reaffirm our deep respect for trans, two-spirited, and gender-queer people and their right to gender-neutral and gender-fluid expression, through the use of gender-neutral and preferred pronouns. We are taking steps to educate ourselves and ensure that we do not make similar errors in the future. These steps include (1) developing a trans-positive policy for authors, contributors, and members of RDS editorial staff that affirms and protects  gender inclusive language and preferred pronouns; (2) developing a public statement [on website or published with each new volume released] that affirms RDS’s support of gender-inclusive language; and (3) maintaining ongoing discussions and taking necessary steps within the journal to remain conscious of and informed about this important issue.

Finally, we would like to express gratitude, despite the difficulties of this painful mistake, for the opportunity to learn, grow, and enrich not only the journal but the field of Disability Studies more broadly.