The latest issue of RDS is out! Volume 13 Issue 3


We are excited to announce the publication of Volume 13 Issue 3 of Review of Disability Studies, an international, peer-reviewed journal. Discover diverse voices in this issue ranging from Self Advocates, Rehabilitation Counselors, Creative Writers, Influential Bloggers, and Education Experts.

Volume 13 Issue 3 | Table of Contents


When A Hyphen Matters: Reflections on Disability and Language
Megan A. Conway, Ph.D., RDS Editor-In-Chief, Hawaii, USA

Research Articles

"Friends Give Meaning to Life:" Reframing friendship for indiviudals with autism that type to communicate
Jessica K. Bacon (PhD), Fernanda Orsati (PhD), Scott Floyd & Hesham Khater, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, USA

Self-Determination in Social Context: A Social Cognitive Approach
Jason Matthew Naranjo (PhD) & Luke Duesbery (PhD), California, Washington, USA

Creative Works

On Speaking and Not Speaking: Autism, Friendship, Interdependency
Sonya Freeman Loftis (PhD), Georgia, USA

Finding Beck: How Disability Erasure in Play Reflects and Influences Reality
Karin Hitselberger, USA

Best Practices

Sports and Disability: Enhanced Health, Self-Efficacy, and Social Inclusion Through Athletic Participation
Tayo Moss (MS), Trenton J. Landon (PhD) & Allison Fleming (PhD), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Utah, USA


Dissertations and Abstracts

Disability Studies Dissertations Abstracts
Jonathan Erlen, Megan Conway