Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 4 Issue 2

Editor’s Note

This issue comprises the second installment to the forum on music edited by Alex Lubet and Na’ama Sheffi. To view Alex’s introduction to the forum and to read the first installment, please view the online version of Volume 4, Issue 1 at

Published: 2014-11-26


Transformer Man: An Exploration of Disability in Neil Young’s Life and Music

Isaac Stein
Abstract 735 | PDF Downloads 109 Word Downloads 100 Text Downloads 122

People with Disabilities Get Ready: Curtis Mayfield in the 1990s

Ray Pence
Abstract 222 | PDF Downloads 228 Word Downloads 85 Text Downloads 134

“Hear Us Shout:” Music Celebrating Disability Pride and Liberation

Steven E. Brown
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 196 Word Downloads 82 Text Downloads 243

Music to My (Deaf) Ears: The Installation Work of Joseph Grigely

Ann Millett
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 231 Word Downloads 106 Text Downloads 95

Les Paul at 91

Alex Lubet
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 65 Word Downloads 81 Text Downloads 84