Vol 9, No 4

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 9 Issue 4

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Table of Contents


Editorial: My Pet (Trained) PDF Word Text
Megan Conway

Research Articles and Essays

Disability Around the World: Study Abroad in Diverse Cultural Contexts PDF Word Text
Laura Eisenman, Michael Gamel-McCormick, Ashley Curran, Rachel McCulley, Meghan Moritz, Kim Musheno
Stigma or Empowerment? What Do Disabled People Say About Their Representation In News and Entertainment Media? PDF Word Text
Beth Haller, Lingling Zhang
The Effects of Disability on Earnings in China and the United States PDF Word Text
Samuel Myers, Ding Sai

Creative Works

Creative Essay: What the Medical Model Can Learn From the Case of the Colorblind Painter: A Disability Perspective PDF Word Text
Sheryl Holt
Creative Essay: A Brief Commentary on Health and Happiness, a short story by Virginia de Forrest from Godey's Lady's Book, November, 1855, pp. 399-401 PDF Word Text
Susan Koppelman


Book Review: Thinking About Suicide: Contemplating and Comprehending the Urge to Die PDF Word Text
Cherie Luckhurst
Book Review: Disability and Mothering: Liminal Spaces of Embodied Knowledge PDF Word Text
Carol J. Gill
Dissertation Abstracts PDF Word Text
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