Vol 6, No 3

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 6 Issue 3

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Theorizing Culture and Disability: Interdisciplinary Dialogues PDF Word Text
Dan Goodley, David Bolt
Claiming Comedic Immunity Or, What Do You Get When You Cross Contemporary British Comedy with Disability PDF Word Text
Rebecca Mallett
Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Disability and Postcolonial Studies PDF Word Text
Clare Barker
Dialogism, Monologism, and Boundaries: Some Possibilities for Disability Studies and Interdisciplinary Research PDF Word Text
Brett Smith
Spectacle, Performance, and the Re-Presentation of Disability and Impairment PDF Word Text
Alison Wilde
Performing the Pain: Opening the (Crip) Body for (Queer) Pleasures PDF Word Text
Kateřina Kolářová
Disability by Design PDF Word Text
Elizabeth DePoy, Stephen Gilson


Book Review: Victorian Freaks: The Social Context of Freakery in Britain PDF Word Text
Charles Folk
Book Review: Living with Low Vision and Blindness: Guidelines That Help Professionals and Individuals Understand Vision Impairment PDF Word Text
Beth Omansky
Book Review: Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture PDF Word Text
Katharina Heyer
Book Review: Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality: A Guide for Parents and Professionals PDF Word Text
Martha Guinan
Disability Studies Dissertation Abstracts PDF Word Text
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