Vol 11, No 2

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 11 Issue 2

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Table of Contents


Who Has the Right to Say What the Body Means? PDF Word Text
Raphael Raphael

Research Articles and Essays

“We Are Authors”: A Qualitative Analysis of Deaf Students’ Writing During One Year of Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction (SIWI) PDF Word Text
Hannah Dostal
The Discourse on Autism PDF Word Text
Gary Mullen
The Big Bang Theory: Mad Geniuses and the Freak Show of Higher Education PDF Word Text
Wendy Harbour

Best Practices in Disability Studies

Not Just Academic: How Sociologists and Anthropologists Promoted Inclusion in the Community for Individuals with Disabilities PDF Word Text
Arnold Birenbaum


Book review: Ed Roberts: Father of Disability Rights PDF Word Text
Steven E. Brown
Book Review: Accessible Citizenships: Disability, Nation, and the Cultural Politics of Greater Mexico PDF Word Text
Donna McDonald
Book Review: Autism: A Social and Medical History PDF Word Text
Mark Romoser

Notes from the Field

The 1994-1995 National Health Interview Survey on Disability (NHIS-D): A Bibliography of 20 Years of Research PDF Word Text
Brian W. Ward, Heather Ridolfo, Lauren Creamer, Caroline Gray
Disability Studies Dissertation Abtracts PDF Word Text
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