Vol 10, No 3 & 4

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 10 Issue 3 & 4

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Progress PDF Word Text
Megan A. Conway


Forum: Introduction: Art History and Disability PDF Word Text
Ann Millett-Gallant, Elizabeth Howie
Composing Dwarfism: Reframing Short Stature in Contemporary Photography Word PDF Text
Amanda Cachia
Portrait of Sixteenth-Century Disability? Quentin Matsys’s A Grotesque Old Woman PDF Word Text
Sara Newman
Shifting Perception: Photographing Disabled People During the Civil Rights Era PDF Word Text
Timothy W. Hiles
Becoming Aware of One’s Own Biased Attitude: The Observer’s Encounter with Disability in Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library no. 18 PDF Word Text
Nina Heindl

Research Articles and Essays

Facing Dyslexia: The Education of Chuck Close PDF Word Text
Ken Gobbo
Summer of 2012: Paralympic Legacy and the Welfare Benefit Scandal PDF Word Text
Liz Crow
A Capabilities View of Accessibility in Policy and Practice in Jordan and Peru PDF Word Text
Joyojeet Pal, Ana Maria Huaita Alfaro, Tawfiq W. Ammari, Saikat Chatterjee


Book Review: Both Sides of the Table: Autoethnographies of Educators Learning and Teaching With/In [Dis]Ability. Disability Studies in Education, Vol 12. Eds. Susan L. Gabel and Scot Danforth. PDF Word Text
Steven E. Brown
Book Review: Quality of Life and Intellectual Disability; Knowledge Application to Other Social and Educational Challenges PDF Word Text
James G. Linn
Book Review: Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies PDF Word Text
Shulan Tien
Film Review: FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement PDF Word Text
Amanda McLaughlin
Disability Studies Dissertation Abstracts PDF Word Text
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