Vol 10, No 1 & 2

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 10 Issue 1 & 2

This is Volume 10, Issue 1 and 2, a special double issue from 2014. It includes a forum on Popular Culture and Disability as well as research articles.

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Isolation: A Diary of Subtle Discrimination PDF Word Text
Megan Conway

Research Articles and Essays

Physical Disability, Gender, and Marriage in Jordanian Society PDF Word Text
Salam Jalal, Susan Gabel
Employment Outcomes for Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF Word Text
Ashleigh Hillier, Monica Galizzi
Audio Description In Italy: An Anecdote Or A Social Integration Policy? PDF Word Text
María Valero Gisbert
Trends Toward the Integration and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Russia PDF Word Text
S.V. Alehina, Debra Cote, Erica J. Howell, Vita Jones, Melinda R. Pierson
Dissertation Abstracts PDF Word Text
Jonathon Erlen


Forum Editors Introduction PDF Word Text
Holly Manaseri, Raphael Raphael
The Legacy of 19th Century Popular Freak Show Discourse in the 21st Century X-Men Films PDF Word Text
Fiona Pettit
Body Vandalism: Lady Gaga, Disability, and Popular Culture PDF Word Text
Christopher Smit
Precarious Inclusions; Re-Imagining Disability, Race, Masculinity and Nation in My Name Is Khan PDF Word Text
Nadia Kanani
Keep It Right - Homeland: The Female Body, Disability, and Nation PDF Word Text
Joelle Rouleau

Creative Works

Lucky to Be Here PDF Word Text
Felicia Nimue Ackerman


Book Review: The Book of Goodbyes: Poems PDF Word Text
Johnson Cheu
Book Review: Writing Disability: A Critical History PDF Word Text
Dax Garcia
Film Review: A Life Without Words PDF Word Text
Amanda McLaughlin
Book Review: Shakin’ All Over: Popular Music and Disability PDF Word Text
Steven E. Brown
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