Vol 13, No 4

Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Volume 13 Issue 4 
Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices

From Canada to India, Guatemala to Germany, this special issue includes a research forum on Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices,” as well as multimedia, creative works, and a selection of the latest in disability studies’ dissertations & abstracts. Read more at http://bit.ly/RDSJ_v13i4

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Is this a Marriage or a Carriage? PDF Word Text
Megan Conway

Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices Special Forum

Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices PDF Word Text
Patty Douglas, Carla Rice, Christine Kelly
Too Much or Too Little? Paradoxes of Disability and Care Work in India PDF Word Text
Nandini Ghosh, Supurna Banerjee
Cripping Care for Individuals with Psychiatric Disability: Looking Beyond Self-Determination Frameworks to Address Treatment and Recovery PDF Text Word
Meghann Elizabeth O'Leary
What is a Service Animal? A Careful Rethinking WORD PDF TXT
Margaret Price
Teaching and Care: Cripping Fieldwork in Teacher Education PDF Word Text
Susan Baglieri, Jessica Bacon


A Question & Answer with Helen S. Cohen, Filmmaker of States of Grace PDF Word Text
Raphael Raphael

Creative Works

Cancer Kung Fu: Fighting Back Through Writing and Drawing PDF Word Text
Anna Faroqhi
Dissertation & Abstracts v13i4 PDF Word Text
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